Bus drivers are no longer picketing in front of the city offices. They also allow for customization through additional terms. Last updated August 29th, 2022. . MTA- Headquarters will be conducting these procurements through a secure online portal. and Fulton St. Stations, Crosstown Line, IND, in Brooklyn, C34864: Car Washer Repairs: Concourse Yard, C52164: Furnishing & Installing Passenger Identification (PID) CCTV at 103rd St. Station,8th Av. That includes five stations in the Bronx including one Metro-North station, six stations in Brooklyn, four stations in Manhattan, seven stations in Queens including two Long IslandRail Roadstations(LIRR)and three stations on Staten Island. MP Engineer, P.C. This is a 27-month contract for an estimated cost of $37 million, with the contract awardee providing all planning, design and engineering services to comply with MTA Construction and Development . Tectonic Engineering & Survey Consultants (718) 391-9200 (212) 354-5939 We are delighted that you'd like to resume your subscription. Whether the materials will be used with other materials subject to restrictions or legal obligations to the third-party provider (e.g. SI Engineering, P.C. The privilege has come from working with a professional staff that held us to consistent standards of excellence as we worked to make the MTA better. (212) 268-0950 A total of $73.1 million in contracts has been awarded by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to New York State and New York City certified minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged . Net2Source, Inc. (201) 340-8700 Infosys International, Inc. (516) 982-1213 Now, the MTA is looking for a repeat of its MWBE contracting rate in this current fiscal year. Rotator Staffing The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that it has awarded contracts to 29 New York State certified Minority-and-Women-Owned Businesses (MWBE) within the Information Technology (IT) Sector. If the material to be shared was derived from human subjects under an approved IRB protocol or from patients for clinical purposes, we ask that this supplemental questionnaire be completed and uploaded to the WISPER record. Award Date:May 14, 2018 The MTA spends over$7 billion annually on procurement, ranging from office supplies and market research to railcars and construction contracts. Set Asides permit the reservation in whole or in part certain procurements for SDVOBs when two or more NYS Certified SDVOBs are available and can provide the necessary construction, construction services, technology, commodities, products and other classifications to meet state agencies/authorities form, function and utility. According to MTA policy, the task orders on these contracts are to be used for smaller projects valued at $500,000 or less. This document outlines the new process and provides information about the need to shorten the time for negotiations of MTAs. Arcadis of New York, Inc. (212) 251-7121 Firm: Henningson Durham & Richardson Architecture and Engineering, P.C. Award Amount: Aggregate Not-To-Exceed $16,000,000 Firms & Phone #:A. G. Consulting Engineers, P.C. If the materials are related to a WARF patent or otherwise assigned to WARF, WARF will handle the agreement around the transfer. Comstock & Co. to install communications-based train control (CBTC) signaling on the Eighth Avenue ACE line. Mott MacDonald NY, Inc. (212) 589-1116 Pursuant to Section 2879(3)(b)(i) of the New York Public Authorities Law, a proposer for these procurements must either be a New York State certified Minority or Woman Owned Enterprise (MWBE) pursuant to Article 15-A of the New York Executive Law; a Small Business Concern within the meaning of 160 of the State Finance Law, i.e., a business which is resident in New York State, independently owned and operated, not dominant in its field and employs one hundred or less persons; or a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) pursuant to Article 17-B of the New York Executive Law. This Contract contains funding provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation through a Grant from the Federal Transit Administration, Contract #: PS866A PS866Z Firm: CSA Group NY Architects and Engineers, P.C. Please download them and open the files in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Firms: AECOM USA, Inc., ARUP Us, Inc., Henningson, Durham & Richardson Architecture & Engineering, P.C., HNTB New York Engineering and Architecture, P.C., Jacobs Civil Consultants, Inc., Metro Designers, A Gannett Fleming-Dewberry JV, Michael Baker Engineering, Inc., Mott MacDonald NY, Inc., Parsons Transportation Group of NY, Inc., Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., STV, Inc., Systra Engineering, Inc/Urbahn Architects PLLC JV, T.Y. All award decisions are based solely on the content of official MTA bid documents. Lin International (212) 228-0662 This relates to the internal research/non-commercial use limitation. Contract GEC-22-3064: Construction Administration and Inspection Services for Construction Projects VN-81, Suspended Span Lower-Level Deck Rehabilitation at the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge and VN-86, Roadway Improvements to the V, Contract A-37379: Station Ventilator Repairs at 23rd Street Station, 8th Avenue Line, Vent Batteries I, J, K, L, in the Borough of Manhattan, C35327: Design-Build Services for Rockaways Line Resiliency and Rehabilitation, D81443: PMC for Package 3 (3P): ADA Accessibility Upgrades at 8 Stations and Elevator Replacements at 5 Stations, Contract C40355: Design and Construction of a New Jamaica Bus Depot and Parking Lot in the Borough of Queens, Contract A37344: Station Painting at Component Location Pelham Bay Park Station in the Borough of The Bronx, A-37693: Design-Build Services for Circulation Improvements at Grand Central 42nd Street Station, E30645: Design-Build Services for Escalator Replacements, A37139: Package 4 - Design-Build Services for ADA Upgrades at Various Stations, C-52146: Design-Build Services for LIDS Installation for Under River Tubes Phase 3. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) awarded a $6,542,831 contract to Michael Baker International, Inc. to advance accessibility improvements at three subway stations. Madison, WI 53715-1218, General Inquiry: %PDF-1.6 % WiCell makes materials available through the following process: Contact investigator to obtain any additional information needed for receipt, culture, or web listing (any recent publications, etc.). 0 NYCT station renewal and component repairs, including: Six station renewals on the Flushing Line7, Four station renewals on the Jamaica LineJZ, Sandy Repairs: rehabilitation of the 6 Av LineF's East River tunnel (Rutgers Tube), LIRRsignalmodernization, Babylon to Patchogue, Second Avenue Subway Phase II (initial commitment), ADA accessibility at four stationsincluding68 St-Hunter College6,Bay Ridge-95 StR,Court SquareG andMosholu Parkway4, Installation of modernized signals on the Queens Boulevard Line EastEFline, Infrastructure improvements on the Eighth AvenueACEline, in coordination with signal modernization, Purchase 98 buses (23 express and 75 electric) and electrification of six bus depots, Sandy resiliency at West Side Yard and East River Tunnel. Tunnel Structural Work at Crescent Street, MN-142486: Strategic Facilities Program: Upper Harlem Parking Improvements at Croton Falls Package 2: Surface Parking Lot, E30436: Replacement of Twelve (12) Escalators at Various Locations (IND) & (IRT) Divisions in the Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and The Bronx, MN-147459: North White Plains Station Rehabilitation, C40264: Replacement of Roof Topping and Expansion Joints at the Kingsbridge Bus Depot, Borough of Manhattan, 180144: Marble Hill Retaining Wall Design Phase 1, C43761R: Critical Facilities Flood Mitigation at the Consolidated Revenue Facility, Borough of Queens, R-50467: Roof Repair and Replacement at Linden Shop Administration Building, Brooklyn, C34922: Livonia Maintenance Shop Components Rehabilitation in the Borough of Brooklyn, A-37351: Repair of Street Stairs at 79th St. Station, Broadway/7th Av. Firm:Empire Construction Property and Management Group, Inc, Firm: LoSardo General Contractors Inc, Firm: Core Environmental Consultants, Inc, EnTech Engineering, P.C., EPM-HVA Joint Venture, LiRo Engineers, STV Incorporated, Firm Phone No. This method - Become Registered Living Wage Policy and Retention for Service Contracts Whether the materials will be used on a project that has funding terms and conditions. They dont include any assessment of the bids or bidders, or which bidder, if any, has been awarded the procurement. Generate MTA using UW provided Biomaterial Addendum. Additionally, efforts will be redirected away from reviewing template agreements and devoted toward reviewing more complicated agreements. We recommend updating your browser to the latest version. Contracts awarded must not exceed $1,500,000. At UW-Madison, there are situations when an MTA is required due to policy and other situations where, while not required, it is a good idea to have an MTA. We no longer support this browser, so parts of the site might not work as you expect them to. Metro encourages contractors to stay informed about Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Contractor Registration Law and requirements. If the researcher already has permission to share from the original provider, it is helpful to have this documented from the provider and give this information to RSP to help streamline the process. Signal modernization on Eighth Avenue LineACE(awarded), Penn Station-33 St Corridor, Phase 1 (awarded), ADA accessibility at LivoniaAvL(awarded), LIRR Expansion (Third Track) (awarded final project scope), Penn Station-33rd Street Corridor, Phase 2, Improvements to overhead rail power wires in western Queens in support of East Side Access and regional rail, ADA accessibility at four stations in the Bronx, including149 St-Grand Concourse4,149 St-Grand Concourse25,Tremont AvBD andWestchester Square-East Tremont Av6, Elevator and escalator improvements at 11 stations, Infrastructure repairs on the2345line in Brooklyn, Communication network upgrades at select subway stations, Traction power and signaling upgrades on LIRR lines, ADA accessibility at30stations(full list available onMTAswebsite). With human subject material, UW-Madison has to make sure that the rights of the subjects or patients have been observed. There are no fees charged. These bid results reflect vendor-sealed bid submissions as opened, read, and recorded by staff of the MTA's Department of Procurement Services, for procurements of MTA Headquarters and MTA Bridges and Tunnels. Note: These linked PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat to be opened. These provisions would then conflict with the terms of the material being requested. The 29 MWBE certified vendors were chosen for their broad range of expertise in the IT sector. The project will add four new Metro-North stations and is estimated to reduce commute times by up to 75 minutes for some passengers [see " Plan to bring Metro-North service to Penn Station ,". Dr. Ludwig forwards WiCell Deposit sheet to WARF for review along with the PI completed Invention Disclosure Form. The agreement restricts the use of the materials to not-for-profit research purposes only, and prohibits redistribution of the material without the consent of the original provider. Basic agreement to accomplish the transfer of materials. As part of this process to expedite agreements, for Incoming MTAs, if the agreement is an unmodified version of the one of the agreement templates listed below, or if the agreement is a template universally accepted at UW-Madison, such as an Addgene Order, RSP will sign the agreement without further discussion and return the signed agreement to the provider. Firm: Thales Transport and Security Inc. Firm: Hardesty & Hanover Construction Services, Firm: El Sol Contracting/ES II Enterprises, A Joint Venture. :516-644-9481,718-413-2123, Firm Phone No. Arcadis of New York, Inc. (212) 251-7121 Virtual opening for these events will be conducted. MTA Awards Contracts to 29 Minority-and-Women-Owned IT Companies Continuing to Rank First of All NYS Agencies. RSP, working with other campus groups, has established a goal of defining a new process to expedite the processing of these template MTAs. MWBE/SDVOB Goal:15% MBE/15%WBE/6%SDVOB, Contract #:CS086 147 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<85D32E16DACED141ACBFDD02A5CFFF56>]/Index[123 39]/Info 122 0 R/Length 115/Prev 168910/Root 124 0 R/Size 162/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream All award decisions are based solely on the content of official MTA bid documents. Please enable JavaScript on your browser and try again. Once complete, receive materials from investigator. The MTA is working to extend the contract past current scheduled expiration in February 2021 by another two years. We have detected you are using an out-of-date browser. These IT assignments are the result of a contract that was originally awarded in 2016. Firm: Fairfield Refrigeration & Cooling Equipment. MTAs are not used for purchase of commercially available materials. Firm: Voltamp Electrical Contractors, Inc. Since the purpose of an MTA is to protect the rights of both the provider and the recipient, even if an MTA is not required, it may be a good idea to have an MTA to protect the rights of the researcher(s). Many MTAs restrict use of the materials to internal research or non-commercial purposes. When material UW-Madison wishes to share is created using other materials, there may be obligations to the provider of the other material. This represents nearly 30 percent of allState-issuedcontracts. The agreement under which we obtained the materials my prevent us from further distributing them, or may impose specific terms on how and to whom we may further distribute the materials or modifications of the materials. Hill International (212) 443-3700 The 2020-2024 Capital Program includes funding for additional infrastructure improvements along this corridor that will be executed in tandem with the signal upgrades to further improve service reliability. Two of the firms -- QED National, an NYS-certified WBE who received 64 assignments totaling $12.4 million and Capstone Strategy Group LLC, an NYS-certified MBE, who received 33 assignments totaling $6.1 million -- have been strong voices for the MWBE community, working with elected officials to get further legislation passed to increase diversity thresholds. Government of Ontario issues RFQ for Yonge North Subway Extension tunnels project, SEPTA awards contract for accessibility improvements at three subway stations, City of Calgary Green Line Board approves Development Phase Agreement for Phase 1 of LRT project, CalSTA awards 28 California transit projects $690 million in grants, Metropolitan Council creates new regional transit infrastructure division and leadership position, Shelters, Stations, Fixtures, Parking & Lighting, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). Award Date: September 25, 2018 Once on the MTA Portal click on the Vendor Sign-In Registration. Inform investigator that materials are available and provide direct link to materials. FS Consulting, LLC (646) 573-1739 Since March when the COVID pandemic began, the MTA has awarded $73.1 million in contracts to more than 26 NYS-certified and MTA-certified minority-owned and women-owned business enterprises to supply the necessary equipment, supplies and professional services needed to respond to the virus. MN-181671: Upper H&H Station Priority Repairs Firm: PS21002: General Engineering Consultant Services for NYCT Communications Based Train Control, D81436: PMC Services for Rockaway Line - Pkg A DB Flood Mitigation, Pkg B DB Infrastructure, Pkg C DBB Wrap Up & Pkg D DBB Renovation of the South Channel Bridge, CS00002L: Program Management Consultant for the Reconfiguration of the Harold Interlocking, P-36491: Replace Negative Cables 36th Street Station to Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center Station on the 4th Avenue Line, in the Borough of Brooklyn, C-33941: Flood Mitigation and Roof Replacement at Tiffany Central Warehouse in the Borough of The Bronx, C-52072: Passenger ID CCTV at 88 Stations, P-36491: Replacement of Negative Cables, 4th Avenue line, C81439: Relocation Consultant Services for the Second Avenue Subway Phase 2 Project as well as Services for Additional Relocation Projects, Contract 6477: Hillside Building #1 Loading Dock Repairs and Pine Aire Yard Parking Paving, C-43060: Upgrade Communication Room MR #355 at the Winthrop Street Station, Nostrand Av. We have gained greater exposure and subsequent opportunities with many organizations in NYC and New York State, allowing us to showcase our strengths and the Business Transformation skills we utilize in our core business., The MTAs focus on Minority and Women Owned Businesses has clearly made a difference,said ColleenMolter, President, QED National. DBE Goal:12.9% In the event that the material is derived from human subjects, please also complete the Supplemental Questions, linked here. To request a copy of the RFP(s) listed below, please contact Mr. Elvis Herrera by phone at 917-579-2486, or by e-mail at elvis.herrera1@mtabsc.org. Toscano Clements Taylor LLC This section offers information and guidelines to current and prospective vendors wishing to provide goods and/or services tothe MTA and its agencies. 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