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The power of VR meditation

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Your journey starts here, with this 360 3D video. If you have a VR headset put it on to enjoy the full experience. If you don’t, no worries: you will still get a flavour of what SolasVR is about and how easy it is to access the experiences.

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Be more present

We are connected to everything but ourselves. Busy lifestyle, multi-tasking, anxiety and stress make us live life in a less than present way. When did you, really, stop and smell the roses? Being mindful means taking in every moment with all our senses. Guided meditation is a great method to master focusing, while our natural landscapes in VR trigger the mind to respond like you really are in nature. Add an extra dimension to your wellbeing. Be more of yourself.

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Take a micro-break

Short, voluntary breaks can have a very positive effect as there is a lot of evidence to suggest that they can be beneficial – reducing stress, boost creativity and productivity, sharpen our communication skills. Solas VR experiences enable microbreaks that actively promote increased calmness, stress relief and a better mental wellbeing overall.

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Virtual Reality & Nature

Virtual Reality recreates the “real” world. It tricks our body into thinking it is in the environment presented to us and so we react accordingly. This allows us to disconnect from the stress or pressure of our job or, for example, to let go of any negativity after a stressful meeting. The Nature scenes typically stimulate the production of endorphins that trigger greater calm and connectedness to nature. This enables us to approach any subsequent activity in a fresh and positive manner and it unleashes our creative thinking.

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About the Team

Stephen Pitcher

Managing Director

Stephen Pitcher graduated from UCD with a Bachelor in Civil Law degree and has over 25 years’ experience working in UK and Ireland for multinationals. He also works as a Mindfulness Coach and Shamanic Counsellor.
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Camille Donegan

Creative Director

Camille Donegan graduated from DIT (TUD) with a Bachelors in Computer Science. She had parallel careers in IT and the arts before discovering VR and AR, becoming a highly sought expert in this space.
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Terry Madigan

Technical Director

Terry Madigan graduated from UCD with a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering and has 10+ years experience in developing technical products and is a technical expert in VR and AR industries.
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