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Corporate Mindfulness

Corporate Mindfulness

Create a productive work environment

From the Work from Home to the Work From Anywhere, the workplace as we knew it has changed. Managers face the great challenge to keep teams together although they are apart. At the same time, as the employees’ psychology has dramatically changed after the Covid-19 experience, mental health has emerged as a major concern for leaders. Corporate mindfulness moves on the top of the list as a new, yet pressing demand. Be ready.

Better Trainings

A focused mind learns fasters. This is why a short mindful break is a powerful boost to training effectiveness – keeping trainees focused and creating a more receptive state of mind.

Better Collaboration

“Alone you’ll go faster but together we’ll go further’’: this is corporate collaboration in a nutshell. If more than one individual –ideally everyone- become more self-aware, less judgmental, and more of a team player, then the team is actually working as a team and thrives more.

Better Leaders

Mindfulness is the most recent checkpoint every team leader/manager should focus on how to run a healthy business. Higher stress levels among employees, burnout and insecurity have put established leadership styles on stake.

Read more about empathetic leaders.

Better Communication

You can take corporate meetings to a whole new level and say goodbye to Zoom Fatigue. Solas VR along with Engage VR and Educators in VR host mindful meetings in virtual settings.

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Tailored Services

Managers' Community

Join our managers’ community and get access to exclusive VR meetings hosted by Solas VR and special guests. You can share your challenges or experiences or take the lead and spread your knowledge to the community.

One To One Sessions

Either you onboarding a new employee or you feel that you need to find your focus, we can provide you with tailored one-to-one sessions to regain focus and open mindness.

Mindful Events

Join our monthly mindful events and be open for new exciting experiences.

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