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How to make the right decision

How can you be sure to make the right decision when everything around us is so unstable? In these unprecedent times we don’t feel confident enough to make plans for the following weekend as a lockdown might turn our lives upside down, again. Covid-19 challenges our everyday habits, our personal and professional life and our mental health as well, as a recent article by The Sunday Times highlighted. We become more and more restricted and we get to feel that we have less time and less space to act.

But, decision making needs space: a clear mind to set the goals, to balance the pros and cons, to stand upon our conclusions and to be patient enough to wait for the outcomes. Because, decisions are hard to make, even in less unstable times. As the famous author and psychiatrist Irvin Yalom states it ”

Decision invariably involves renunciation: for every yes there must be a no, each decision eliminating or killing other options (the root of the word decide means “slay,” as in homicide or suicide).

Hence, now is when you need some mental space the most. You need to find, or even invent new ways to battle the stress and anxiety, to clear your mind and cope with everything. If you are an experience meditator, you already know where the answer lays. But, if you haven’t yet used these ancient, wise techniques to empty and focus your mind, start today. The simplest tool is a breathing exercise, like the one here, that teaches you how to focus on your breath and let everything else go. When you become familiar with this, you will realize that you can access your inner peace at any time, as long as you breathe.


By all means, nothing compares to a walk in nature where you can lay by a creek and enjoy the sounds of theh nature or the mere silence, that will allow your mind to make the right decisions. Just put your VR headset on and let the VR technology and our 360 videos from Irish landscape give your mind what it needs: some space.

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