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Know your emotions

Let’s try a quick check-in on yourself: how are you feeling right now? Is there any thought that bothers you? Or perhaps, you have some physical pain, like your body tries to tell you something? Are you angry or sad? Are you anxious or excited? You might be surprised, but most of the people are unable to name and recognize their emotions. This actually comes as the consequence of not being present and authentically in touch with ourselves.

“Isn’t feeling my emotions enough?”, one might ask. The thing is that sometimes our reactions do not respond to the actual emotion we experience, triggering misunderstandings and misconception. Imagine that you apply for a job that you really like and you eagerly wait for a positive response. But, things go south and you don’t get the job. You might start crying, or naming the HR team names and Comforting yourself by making payback plans.  But, is really anger what you feel in this case? Or could it be disappointment, frustration, bafflement?

To exercise self-soothing, We must first know what are we suffering from. It might seem painful, at first, to face our naked truth but this is always the first step towards healing. Therefore, take some time to reflect upon your emotions. Try to label them and allow yourself to experience the full spectrum of emotions. Then, Be kind to yourself, be supportive and stay away from self-criticism. Give yourself the time and space to feel more, and to be more.


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