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Still is the new busy

When someone tells you that they work long hours and they can’t take a break, how do you label them? Well, if you belong to the majority,  then you probably think of them as successful. Being (too) busy has become a signal for success and responsibility. People are proud to have no time for themselves. But, let us tell you one thing: Overworking is yesterday’s news, the present wants us to be present. 

Staying still for a while is not laziness, it’s a skill. It takes time and effort to clear the mind from intrusive thoughts and allow the brain to be empty and still for some minutes. Connected to the breath, disconnected from any worries, still and refreshed.

Being busy is the outcome of a frustrated, overwhelmed mind. You have too many thoughts and triggers that it becomes hard to prioritize, and this causes confusion. In turn, it fogs your judgment and it raises the levels of anxiety, so in the end, this whole process is counterproductive.

On the other hand, taking some time off during the day, like a micro- break in our app, allows the mind to unwind, refocus and regain interest in the subsequent task. It is scientifically backed up, but if you want to test the theory yourself, just sign up for free in the app and take a walk in the irish nature. Stand still, notice what’s going on around you and inside you and be more.

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