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WFH burnout survivor’s kit

Among the lessons learnt during the pandemic is that working from home is not as relaxing and flexible as we used to believe. The strive for boundaries, heightened stress levels and the constant threat of burnout out has triggered a new conversation on remote corporate wellbeing. According to a recent Harvard Business Review’s article “Help Your Team Beat WFH Burnout” work from home and work burnout are two situations here to stay.
We hopefully move towards the end of the pandemic crisis, yet, many companies are adjusting and preferring the work from home (WFH) policy. The new reality we live in proves that WFH takes a toll on employees such as women, people of color and, those with caregiving responsibilities. Indeed, burnout defined as “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed” is at an all-time high. Research has shown that 9.8 million working mothers in the U.S are suffering from burnout. That may come as a shock but at least 28% of working mothers are more likely to experience burnout comparing to working fathers.

These numbers are alarming and they call for immediate action. Pandemic fatigue can result not only in low productivity, anxiety, and stress for workers, but it is also a contributing factor in the Covid-fueled exodus of women from the workforce. Gender equality is not balanced when women leave the workforce and that does not only affect companies but their families that depend on them too. Not only working mothers are affected by work burnout and discrimination, but also people of color. For example, Black and Latino workers are more worried than white workers about their employment.
As the remote work trend is here to stay, there are several things that leaders can do to relieve stress from their employees and nurture a safe, inclusive and productive team spirit. They should create an inclusive remote culture that will benefit the entire organization and protect employees from burnout during and after the pandemic.
The use of immersive technology,  like Solas VR meditations, provide a very close to actually proximity result. Sharing common experiences while allowing the mind to let go of unproductive stress refreshes equally the individual and the team. This experience nurtures the employer-employee relationship, deepens the sense of community, boosts productivity, and enhances mental wellbeing.

As health is the new wealth and inner peace is the new success, new methods light the way towards really successful teams, in the pandemic era and beyond.

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