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Here you can find all the links we post on Instagram! If you don’t, though, leave us a comment on IG and we will fix it! Share the positivity!

How to reduce Employee Turnover

Solas Sites: The Lake

Kindness can save the world

The business side of mindfulness

How to stay mindful during the lockdown

Solas VR places: The waterfalls

Take a walk with your inner critic

How to make the right decision

How to battle work stress during pandemic

How Covid-19 has impacted leaders and their employees differently- Repost from Dan Schawbel

Still is the new busy

Ancient Irish Sites bringing stress relief in a Covid World

Solas Sites: The Glendalough Cathedral

Seeking Work-Life Balance

Science Talks: The benefits of Microbreaks

What Is mindfulness?

What about affirmations?

We are born to be in the nature

A trick to stop self criticism

We could be trees

Know your emotions

Keeping a journal

10 Mindfulness Researchers You Should Know

Understanding Conditioning

Science Talks: VR as a treatment method



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